Rising Geriatric Population boosts Global Disposable Patient Positioning Products Market Prospects

Disposable Patient Positioning Products Market

Inkwood Research estimates that the Global Disposable Patient Positioning Products Market is evaluated to project a CAGR of 3.28% in terms of revenue during the forecasting years 2023-2032.

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Patient positioning is vital for ensuring effective and safe surgery. Besides, proper patient positioning mainly depends on factors such as the devices and products required, the type and length of the surgical procedure, and the patient’s access to anesthesia, among numerous others.


Increase in Geriatric Population Fuels Market Growth

Since population aging is a global phenomenon, nearly every nation across the world witnesses growth in terms of the proportions and size of the elderly. For instance, in 2019, the global population comprised at least 703 million people aged 65 and above. Likewise, the geriatric population increased from 6% to 9% from 1990 to 2019. This figure is anticipated to witness a growing trend, accounting for 16% by 2050, indicating that one in six people globally will be aged 65 years or above. 

Hence, owing to the rising aging population, nearly 50% of surgeries are anticipated to be performed on such patients. This trend has also resulted in an increased per capita demand for healthcare services, thereby optimistically influencing the global demand for disposable patient positioning products.

Cushions: Fastest-Growing Product

Positioning cushions are mainly used for medical imaging and surgical procedures since they are required to maintain the patients’ position. Such products are advantageous for patients that are recovering or undergoing medical treatments and physical therapy. The benefits they provide include hip and spine alignment, improved shoulder, muscle relaxation, alleviation of excessive pressure from the lower back and knee, improved blood circulation, and enhanced weight distribution, among others. Similarly, single-use pillows minimize the risk of cross-contamination, thereby observing increased adoption. 

Asia-Pacific: Fastest-Growing Region

The Asia-Pacific depicts profitable growth potential, primarily owing to the emerging nations at the forefront of development. The region’s healthcare landscape is anticipated to observe robust growth regarding new investments, facilities, advanced and improved technologies, and innovations. 

Moreover, the extensive population base with unfulfilled requirements encourages numerous international investors to expand their businesses, especially in developing markets such as Singapore, India, and China. The growing number of care facilities and hospitals, integrated with surging investments, also play an important role in the Asia-Pacific’s significant market growth.

Manufacturers within the global disposable patient positioning products market establish efforts to increase their revenue share through improvising existing products while developing and introducing relatively newer devices. Hence, industrial rivalry is expected to be high during the forecast period.

Some of the eminent enterprises in the market include Xodus Medical, Cardinal Health, Symmetry Surgical, Aspen Surgical, Steris PLC, etc.

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