Discourse with Corza on Opportunities Post COVID-19


Corza Health’s mission is to invest in and build innovative and transformative global Life Science companies through partnering with existing leadership teams that have an established platform of demonstrated success.  The Corza model leverages the operating and strategic expertise of its principals and investment partner, GTCR, a Chicago based institutional private equity investor.

Inkwood: How does Corza distinguish itself from its competitors?

Corza: Corza Health is a globally oriented Life Sciences company that seeks to build innovative and transformative operating companies. We distinguish ourselves by leveraging our domain expertise, our global operating experiences, and our ability to invest significant amounts of capital in accelerating growth and profitability.   Our team consists of executives that have a diversified set of experiences to include leading public and private companies, building global operating companies through Mergers & Acquisitions, and developing transformative technologies through product development and innovation.

Inkwood: Please help us understand the changes in the company’s business line due to the Coronavirus outbreak in 2020.

Corza: Coronavirus has minimally impacted our business activities and investing efforts.  We experienced a slight delay with various projects that we were pursuing through the end of May.  During the month of June, we experienced an increase in business activity that has persisted into August.  We are quite optimistic about the balance of the year, 2021, and 2022.   Some market segments within the Life Sciences have been more severely impacted than others, such as Ophthalmology and Dental, and will require more time to recover.  As we consider investing capital, we are evaluating the health and recovery attributes of the various industry segments to identify opportunities that will experience sustainable growth for several years.

Inkwood: What are the opportunities that you see in the near future?

Corza: Healthcare and the Life Science markets continue to experience persistent demand, which is driven by the prevalence and incidence of disease around the world.  Underlying diseases continue to create opportunities for various therapies in the form of new innovative medical devices or advanced pharmaceutical drugs. Innovation such as, robotic surgery has demonstrated improvement in patient outcomes and cost-efficiency, situations where patients are recovering quicker, and hospitals are delivering quality care at a reduced cost.

At Corza Health, we are focused on building innovative and transformative global operating companies. So we see many opportunities to build better performing global companies that will more efficiently serve our healthcare provider customers, ultimately benefiting patients around the world.  As an example, we are good at pairing geographically dispersed companies together in the US, Europe, and Asia to create a more cohesive and globally-minded organization.  This positions us more effectively to leverage better technology, best practices, human capital in providing innovative devices and products to our global patients.

Inkwood: How is the company planning to leverage its products or services amidst the pandemic situation?

Corza: As I mentioned earlier, the Coronavirus minimally impacted our business activities and investing efforts.  However, it has impacted the financial performance of many companies around the world.  As these companies plan for recovery, I believe that our capabilities at Corza Health are now more valuable than ever. As an example, we can leverage our operating experience and expertise in building high performing commercial organizations to reinvigorate sales growth. Moreover, we can help implement an efficient reorganization to maintain a company’s competitiveness ensuring financial strength and market positioning to grow market share as demand in the market returns.

Inkwood: What is the strategic advantage gained by the merger of GTCR and Gregory T Lucier?

Corza: From our perspective, Asia is key for e-mobility, and it’s much more developed than Europe or the US in the solutions they currently offer and also in terms of market penetration. China alone is the world leader in e-mobility solutions (specially E-bikes) both in usage but also in terms of exportations. We see a rising market, encouraged by the government, in India as well. This is attracting star-ups and consolidated players to invest in production and innovation capabilities to serve the market demands. Other markets will see rapid growth, especially in Europe, but at a slightly slower pace in the US. In terms of product development types, innovations will focus on extended battery ranges, ultra-rapid charging capabilities, security based on IoT connectivity, and the expansion of the personal electric scooters.

Inkwood: Are there any plans to expand your business to other geographic locations?

Corza: We are globally minded, globally focused, and are searching for opportunities around the world. In almost every corner of the globe are opportunities to better serve healthcare providers and patients.  The rate of growth and demand vary throughout the regions around the world. So for our areas of focus, we are exploring specific regions that align well with our capabilities.

Inkwood: What are the opportunity areas that you see in 2021?

Corza: The specific areas that are of interest to us include the Life Science Tools, Medical Devices, and Medical Device Contract Manufacturing. Both the short term and long term outlook for these segments are positive and are supported by the growth of the underlying disease adversely affecting patients around the world.