We facilitate consulting and advisory services that help our clients overcome market challenges. We also feature research based comprehensive services that lays emphasis on developing important business intelligence! Our team, inherits diverse expertise knowledge that executes client commitments efficiently. It also helps in making right and timely decisions, which is very crucial for the modern-day businesses. Inkwood research identifies lucrative yet new business opportunities that will help you expand or grow your business to new heights. The services we offer are client centric and we do not hesitate in use of seasoned experts, to render the most sustainable and practical solutions for your business.

When you decide to invest in a business, it is better to be sure and sound in your judgement regarding business decisions. We provide quality research helping you fulfil your dream of a becoming a successful entrepreneur.


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business consulting services- Inkwood Research

While launching a product, timing is of immense importance. The when, where and how of product launch will affect your brand dramatically. We help develop your brand in a new area as well as create a frenzy about your latest product in an existing field. Our dedicated team of consultants help serve you better by providing you with in-depth analysis of the market, keeping you apprised of the calculated risks, and also by helping you make an informed choice. We help you strategize your campaign by giving you critical details about your product life cycle, pricing strategy, rival and competitors, market position regarding your product, customer behaviourand decision making prediction.

Our team of dedicated workers work day and night to provide you with the most accurate predictions regarding the customer insights. The market currently is customer driven. Our research provides you with data on target customer needs, a deep analysis of their buying behaviour, better positioning of your product and an accurate analysis of competition. We design campaigns and marketing strategies which increase the recall value of your brand and generate loyalty amongst the customers.

Launching a product is the key to the start of an adventure. But we ensure that your journey is going to be an uphill ride and not a roller coaster one. We help select suitable partners and distributors which will help extend the realms of your business in all directions. Distribution network is vital for business management. Our dedicated team of researchers help to provide you with a list of distributors and vendors which will further push your product into the customer’s vision. We also help negotiate profit margins and increase earning opportunities by identifying and strategizing with suitable vendors/channel partners.

Competition between two products having the same target audience kills the prospects of an upcoming venture. You can eliminate competition or manage the market by making use of our in-depth analysis of your competitors. We identify potential rivals and evaluate their strengths before launching a specific campaign which enables your product to have a better reach and an edge over your competition. Extensive profiling is done of the competition where we perform SWOT, PESTEL and Porter’s analysis to evaluate the level of threat to the product. Apart from this our services include detailed analysis of the competition including their products/services offered, their financial position, distributive channels and their strategic planning. After this extensive data mining we help recommend tactical suggestions to maximize your gain.

Extensive knowledge of the market helps in the success of any product. Designing the best launch for your product will help you garner maximum revenues, which will help further in building the brand name. We help you achieve all this by evaluating the strength and weakness of your competitors, thereby strategizing maximum sales. We also help you identify genuine and diligent distributors which will further drive the sale of your products in an upward direction. We also help evaluate risk involved, cost analysis and possible profit estimates across the concerned area.

We provide you with not just local market research but also give you a detailed global and regional level research analysis. We analyse various markets and industries and then identify key markets and their macro and micro trends to develop a targeted campaign. We also publish up-to-date market research which correlates with the current business scenario. We use best research methodologies and comprehensive market analysis to report accurate market insights.

Our reports comprise of comprehensive analysis, accurate predictions and provide complete research solutions to enhance your decision making regarding your product launch and popularity. We include industry dynamics including key drivers and restraints to be implemented while launching the product, apart from listing key opportunities, industry outlook towards the specific product and its success probability.

We provide interested companies with research assistance on a daily basis, which includes basic market data as well as its complex analysis for tactical initiatives. You can engage our services as an effective solution to all your research based problems. We will provide you in depth detailed research for all your information needs. We have full time analysts working to provide our clients support on a 24×7, round the year basis. This will ensure that your product and its launch gets our undivided attention for maximum success. You also have the option to customize the analytical team according to your specific needs- research associates, team leaders, domain experts, primary and data mining analysts to provide you with intel supporting your product. You get to enjoy flexible customized solutions for your problems at a subsidized rate when you use our research partnership services.

We have a dedicated team of analysts who are responsible for tracking several industries in regional markets across the globe. This provides us with a large amount of data which can be utilized to strategize maximum benefits for our client. We keep track of data from raw material prices to shipment sizes and cost. With the help of the data mined by our primary data analysts we regularly update our forecasts and estimates with changing business trends and scenarios. Generally companies require either one time or regular market statistics to plan their strategic initiatives or their corporate strategies. We provide you a one-stop shop for all your market research problems with our easy to use database access, regular updating of raw material pricing, access to effectively managed large data sets and quantitative analysis.