FARO Technologies shares their views on the technology industry in Post-Covid Scenario

In a new addition to our interview series, we discussed with FARO Technologies – several facts about the impact of COVID-19 & evolving changes in the 3D technologies market. Faro Technologies is a Florida-based company, which deals in the development and manufacturing of portable, high precision measurement solutions, along with measurement specialty devices for industrial purposes. It offers 3D measurement technology solutions and relevant software platforms in the market. Their scanners find applications in numerous... Read more

Understanding The Gold Nanorods Market

The Gold Nanorods Market is expected to grow positively on account specifically of its developing applications in the medical sector. Along with their nontoxic nature, they have the ability to absorb light and scatter them, which makes them useful in a wide range of biomedical applications, including imaging, cancer therapy and diagnostics. Huge demand from the medical industry for cancer treatment, along with ongoing medical research experiments is expected to propel the demand for Gold... Read more

Details from the Field: What’s Trending in the Wine Industry

In our latest interview series, we discussed with John Doré-  Founder & CEO of Cannd Limited- many exciting facts about the emerging changes in the wine market. Cannd wine is a no-nonsense wine brand that comes in sustainable and infinitely recyclable aluminum cans, with a mission to democratize the wine experience with no compromise on taste. Global Wine Market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 3.10% during the forecast period 2019-2027 according to... Read more

CEO of Scinovia’s take on the blood flow measurement devices market

Medical devices form an integral part of the healthcare industry. Among these is the blood flow measurement device which measures the intensity with which the blood flows in the blood vessels to understand whether the blood circulation is normal or abnormal. Analyzing the blood flow in the body, it becomes possible to diagnose and provide special care for various diseases which are chronic and require round the clock monitoring. Factors such as a rise in aging population,... Read more