Insightful Discourse with PentixaPharm on the ongoing Crisis & their Post-Pandemic Strategies

Insightful Discourse with PentixaPharm on the ongoing Crisis & their Post-Pandemic Strategies

PentixaPharm is committed to developing the innovative theranostic pair PentixaFor and PentixaTher. PentixaFor and PentixaTher are two-small peptide-based radiopharmaceuticals, which specifically target the CXCR4-receptor expressed in most fast progressing diseases, such as hematological and solid cancers as well as cardiovascular malignancies.


  1. What are the products/pipelines under development at PentixaPharm currently?
  • PentixaFor imaging for detection and localization of CXCR4-positive tumors
  • PentixaTher as a therapeutic treatment for CNSL patients


  1. What is the anticipated timeline for commercialization?
  • We are planning to commerce the radiopharmaceuticals in 2023.


  1. What are the promising greenfield areas in which you see the development of Radiopharmaceuticals?
  • Benefit for patients with CNSL à increase quality of life
  • Benefit for clinics à better and more information about tumors


  1. Has the COVID-19 situation affected the progress of your company? If yes, what are the corrective steps you have taken?
  • No, not yet. We have identified potential risks for our development program if the situation continues.


  1. What advice would you give a start-up in the healthcare space to cope with the current crisis?
  • Identify the potential risks which may affect your start-up in the next 12 months and monitor them closely.
  • Keep an eye on your cash flow: Do and pay invoices as little as possible, but as much as necessary.


  1. In what manner does being located in Germany offer an advantage?
  • Germany has managed the crises pretty well so far and offers subsidies for companies in need of all sizes.


  1. Do you see any new lines of research/products emerging out of the current healthcare crisis?
  • Research and development of serum.