Innovations From Players to Expand Coherent Optical Equipment

Over the past few years, network providers have been using coherent optical technology to upgrade the traffic capacity over the existing fiber asset. Factors such as increased demand for OTT, high demand for low latency, and 5G connectivity are elevating customer experiences by propelling demand for coherent optical networks.

Furthermore, optical networks are continuously evolving. Factors such as, performance, flexibility, power consumption, and reliability are factors attributing the growth. The profitable coherent modules with flexible functioning modes allow the use of new deployment models. Besides, the adoption of artificial intelligence and enhanced network management are further enabling autonomous and self-healing networks that provide dynamic bandwidth on demand.

Some of the Promising Cases of Coherent Optical Equipment


The company launched the accessibility of its dual-channel 96 GBaud trans-impedance amplifier (TIA) and quad-channel modulator driver for optical networking usage.


Verizon, along with Ciena and Juniper Networks, has finalized a test in Verizon’s live fiber system to move 800 Gbps of data on a solitary wavelength.


In September 2019, Infinera launched XR Optics, a coherent pluggable optical transceiver. The technology can generate tons of optical signals and data streams that can be directed to varied destinations.


In February 2019,  Ciena launched WaveLogic technology, which supports programmability, greater scale, and intelligence from the network edge to core.


In September 2020, the company announced the acquisition of In Opticals Inc., a technology leader. The company provides ultra-high-speed test instruments for the manufacturing and laboratory markets, based on conditions by regulatory authorities.

Overall, with the growing need for high-definition video streaming, gaming, and other sources of entertainment, robust optical coherent technology is the key to execute technologies, such as IoT and AI. Also, the rise in the number of mobile devices and data centers will further lead to the growth of the coherent optical equipment market, globally.