Large-scale Usage of Soc to Impel the Global Semiconductor Intellectual Property Market at a Cagr of 4.89% by 2027

According to a new market research report published by Inkwood Research, the Global Semiconductor Intellectual Property (IP) Market is propelling to evolve at 4.89% of CAGR during the estimated years of 2019-2027.

“According to a new market research report published by Inkwood Research, the Global Semiconductor Intellectual Property (IP) Market is propelling to evolve at 4.89% of CAGR during the estimated years of 2019-2027.

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Semiconductor intellectual property (IP), also known as IP block or IP core, are virtual components with useable logic, integrated circuit, or cell, also called a “chip.” This intellectual property core belongs to one party or may be licensed to another or owned and used by just one party. The global market for semiconductor IP is primarily driven by the booming growth in the IoT industry, helps in minimizing the difference between design layout barriers and productivity and growing demand from consumer electronic devices. However, high expenditure and complicated verification and integration process are some of the factors responsible for the restraining growth of the global market.

Large-Scale Usage of System-On-Chip to Drive the Global Semiconductor IP Market

Usually, an SOC design is required to ensure a boost in the performance within the minimum usage of power. Nowadays, the designers are incorporating a number of innovative connectivity parameters, along with close consideration to the miniaturization trend of semiconductor devices. The ever-growing requirement for multi-processing technologies and inbuilt graphics are some of the prime drivers for the SOC market. The last five years have witnessed a substantially growing utilization of SOCs, attributable to its integration in a number of smart electronics, such as ECG, communication equipment, automotive body electronics, smartphones and others. To conclude, it can be said that the advancement in technology, fueled by the escalating adoption of the Internet will aid and continue to boost the penetration of SOC in various end-user applications.

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Automobiles segment is witnessing an Escalated Demand for High-Performance ICS

Automation has proven to be one of the most on-going trends in the automobile market. This trend has influenced a considerable digital makeover, in which several manufacturers are considering automation as a serious add-on to their products. As a result, established automobile manufacturers, including Audi, Toyota and Mercedes, are heavily investing to boost R&D of automobile automation. Semiconductor content plays a key role in automobile automation as it provides precise information for the inbuilt artificial intelligence (AI) to drive optimally. Therefore, it is assumed that escalating demand for high-performance ICs will boost the need for improved semiconductor IP, driving the global market during the forecast period.

Asia Pacific Reigns over the Global Semiconductor IP Market

The regional paradigm of the global semiconductor IP market is dominated by the Asia Pacific region. The market accounted for the largest share in the year 2018, and is expected to continue its dominance throughout the forecasting years of 2019-2027. The high growth is owing to the strong policies implemented by the various economies of this region, such as South Korea, Japan, China, and India, resulting in posses a self-reliant semiconductor industry. The growth of the semiconductor IP market in the region can be co-related to the high end-user growth, as it holds the largest smartphones market, and is also witnessing tremendous investments in automotive (EVs specifically).

Some of the prominent players in the global semiconductor IP market are eMemory Technology Inc., CEVA, Inc., Sonics, Inc., Arm Holdings Plc., Imagination Technologies Group Plc, Cadence Design Systems, Inc. and others. The market is progressing with intense competition among the already established companies. Although, the market seems to be dominated by one player, other players are striving to compete within themselves to achieve a larger share in the market. On the contrary, leading vendors have adopted acquisition as a key strategy to weaken the competition.

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