The Global High Altitude Aeronautics Platform Stations (Haaps) Market Is Progressing at a CAGR of Around 4.88% by 2027

According to the new market research report published by Inkwood Research, the global high altitude aeronautics platform stations (HAAPS) market is growing at a CAGR of 4.88% throughout the forecasting years of 2019-2027.

“According to the new market research report published by Inkwood Research, the global high altitude aeronautics platform stations (HAAPS) market is growing at a CAGR of 4.88% throughout the forecasting years of 2019-2027.”

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High altitude aeronautics platform stations (HAAPS) is a technology that provides narrowband and broadband services as well as broadcasting services. The HAAPS operates in an altitude between 3 to 22 km. It is a cost effective technology with long endurance and flight range capacity. Defense, telecommunication, scientific research and disaster management agencies are potential customers of HAAPS manufacturers.

Technological applications are evolving the demand of the global HAAPS market.

Communication services and surveillance is the primary application of HAAPS technology. However, there are some other applications of HAAPS technology emerging up; some potential sectors include disaster monitoring like a forest fire, weather forecasting, resource management live coverage of events and many more. Moreover, HAAPS technology is also used for the detailed vertical composition of the atmosphere. It also provides information on the distribution of clouds, water vapor and chemicals. Thus Advancement in technology is upsurging the demand of the HAAPS market globally over the forecasting period.

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Government & defense are the prime end users of the HAAPS market

Government and defense is the primary users of HAAPS technology. Demand for surveillance and communication in the military and defense sector is growing rapidly; communicating to remote areas, other countries and defense agencies have built the demand in the defense market for high altitude platforms. Major companies like Airbus and Lockheed Martin are researching high altitude airships. Earth observation for calamities like earthquake, landslides, oil spills, etc. has attracted the government’s interest for natural calamity management.

North America accounts for the highest market share in the global HAAPS market.

The North America region was the highest contributor in the global HAAPS market. The region is adopting HAAPS technology, owing to the growing interest from high military towards airships and ballons. The surveillance purpose is one of the key drivers in the North America HAAPS market. Most of the HAAPS manufacturers in the region are based in the U.S., which is another driver contributing to the market growth in the region. The demand for HAAPS has also been increasing for commercial usage over the past few years in this region.

The top players operating in the global HAAPS market are Airbus Group SE, Bye Aerospace, Elistair, Aeroviroment Inc, Hoverfly Technologies Inc, Reven Industries Inc, Thales Group, Augur Rosaerosystems, Cyphy Works Inc, Tcom LP, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Alphalink.

These players are focusing on various strategies for development which include mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures and product launches. To remain competitive in this market, niche companies need to invest substantially in high-end products and research and development.


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