Smart manufacturing is boosting the demand for Global Cloud Robotics market to evolve around 24.03% of CAGR by 2027

According to the new market research report published by Inkwood Research, the global cloud robotics market is growing at a CAGR of 24.03% throughout the forecasting years of 2019-2027.

“According to the new market research report published by Inkwood Research, the global cloud robotics market is growing at a CAGR of 24.03% throughout the forecasting years of 2019-2027.

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Cloud robotics is a technologically-driven field of robotics that intellects the physical robots by controlling its operations remotely at any time, integrated with internet and other connected technologies. Cloud robotics has extended its application in various sectors such as commercial, industrial and consumer. The wide adoption of cloud robotics, owing to smart manufacturing & 5G and an increase in the popularity of the connected robots among domestic users are some of the factors boosting the demand for cloud robotics market.

Smart Manufacturing (Industry 4.0) is progressing the demand for cloud robotics market

The connection of robots to cloud-robotics is one of the vital aspects in the digitalization of manufacturing. Manufacturers are rapidly embracing the concept of industry 4.0 that means moving towards the digital transformation of their operations. They are majorly aiming at enhancing the productivity, satisfying consumer’s expectations, product innovation and minimizing the overall costs. All this is possible with the help of greater integration of physical production with digital technologies such as software, sensors, virtual reality and 3D printing among others.

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Public cloud is the highest adopted deployment method in the cloud robotics market

Public cloud is the highly used deployment model across the end-users segment. The several advantages of public cloud such as low costs, no maintenance, high reliability and near-unlimited scalability are fuelling its widespread adoption in the global cloud robotics market. Several new companies are entering the market owing to the high market share of the public cloud in the deployment segment.

North America is the prime revenue contributor in the global cloud robotics market

The North America region was the highest contributor to the global cloud robotics market in 2018. The region is adopting cloud robotics owing to the growing emphasis of the manufacturers on increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Moreover, the increasing pressure to compete with global manufacturing powerhouses such as China is encouraging the local manufacturers in adopting technology and digitalization as a major strategic initiative for long term sustainability.

The cloud robotics market is growing at a rapid pace. The top players operating in the global market are Fetch Robotics, Inc., Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., Amazon Robotics LLC, Cisco Systems, Inc., Softbank Robotics Group Corporations, IBM Corporation, Rapyuta Robotics Co. Ltd., Microsoft Corporation, Intel Corporation, C2RO Cloud Robotics, Kuka AG., Aethon, Ortelio Ltd. and Cloudminds. These players are focusing on various strategies for development such as mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures and business expansions. However, the market is still at its evolving stage, which is making room for new entrants to undergo business expansions and create a strong customer base by merging or engaging with well-established companies.



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