TECH5 Approach for an Opportunistic Future in the Global Biometrics Market

TECH5 is a Geneva-based international technology company, dedicated to design, develop, and distribute biometrics-driven Identity Management solutions. Their team is seasoned with industry professionals, focused on innovating scalable products built on the experience gained by the implementation of large deployments. Rob Haslam is TECH’5 Strategic Adviser, and an expert with 30 years’ experience, briefly elaborates the company’s key strategies and customer-focused business plan. Inkwood: The market is filled with major players such as Precise Biometrics, Gemalto... Read more

High Snaps Critical Accumulations on Technological Expansion in the Drone Data Services Market

High Snaps is a dedicated inspection company, aiming towards a higher level of businesses using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and other technologies to capture powerful data. The team operates under Ryan, the chief pilot, and also the founder-director of the company. He is assisted by data collection experts and 100% compliant drone pilots, holding CASA certifications, remote pilot licenses, and public liability insurances. The company employs powerful tools to help inspect and monitor assets, analyze... Read more

Insider Know-How on the Disposable Medical Gloves Market amid the COVID-19

For over 25 years, Mercator Medical Group is a recognizable producer and distributor in the medical industry. It is based in the Polish capital, and run by Wiesław Żyznowski - the President of the Management Board, together with Piotr Żyznowski. The company’s offerings involve a full range of disposable medical products, mainly gloves (examination, surgical, protective, household, heavy-duty), dressings, disposable apparel, and non-woven surgical drapes. The Group has operations in 70 countries, with a 2%... Read more

Explore the Technology’s disruptive expansion amid COVID-19 in our conversation with Analytics2GO

Analytics2Go (A2Go) was established in 2017, with the aim to ease the transition for companies into the next generation of data-driven business operations. They are a motivated group of seasoned data scientists, management consultants, and engineers that address many difficulties with data and AI deployment and adoption. Inkwood: Recently, L’Oréal Canada has used artificial intelligence and augmented reality for consumer engagement during the COVID-19, with its live shopping video efforts. Can you tell us about such... Read more


Veterinary vaccines play an essential part in protecting animal and public health, which minimizes the demand for antibiotics in companion animals' treatment. It also reduces animal suffering and improves the production of food to suffice the burgeoning population of humans. The most prominent examples of vaccines include Rinderpest and Rabies. The global veterinary vaccines market is accelerating at a rapid growth pace, owing to the growing innovation in vaccines, a surge in government funding, increased... Read more