Author: Inkwood Research

Facial Recognition Technology to embark its Prominence in the Biometrics Market

Biometric verification and authentication is becoming an integral part of the modern technology landscape and is expanding its presence, significantly. Several types of biometrics operating in the market include fingerprint, voice recognition, retina scan, and facial recognition. Over the last 10 years, facial recognition technology has marked its prominence in surveillance across the world. Besides, the rapid development of mobile devices, laptops, and the demand for security has boosted the adoption of facial recognition. For... Read more


A transformation towards the Internet of Things (IoT) has caused researchers to explore IoT services being conducted in several sectors. Among all, waste management is emerging as a major application for IoT. A number of potential undertakings on smart waste management and monitoring system are put into practice using IoT technology, which has successfully proven its competence for various environmental concerns. According to a recent report of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), UK is expected to witness 30%... Read more


There has been a surge in sports scientists or data scientists, striving to integrate data in sports. Data collected, such as players’ movements and vital stats in training and on game day, are analyzed to match strategies and enhance the performance of the players. The quality of the prediction is associated with the quality of data that is put into the machine. The machine learning process allows to understand non-linear systems within the sports industry. Machine... Read more


The consistent demand for high-performance electronic systems in hybrid electric vehicles and high-end automotive has triggered the need for improved and highly efficient sensors. Haptic touchscreen is increasingly showing growth in the automotive sector. Its adoption is expected to create positive waves in the automotive semiconductor industry due to a higher level of system performance and better functionality delivered by the former, at a slightly higher cost. Currently, the few applications of haptic touchscreens in... Read more


A fuel cell is an innovative technology that functions by converting chemical energy through an electromechanical reaction into electrical energy. A colossal amount of funds has been invested in the research and development of innovative applications of the fuel cell, thus expanding its presence among various industries. Many government organizations and universities are focusing on developing and experimenting with projects of new technologies in the market. For instance, the NEF and NEDO have collaborated to... Read more